Wood flooring is a great way to bring nature into your home and create a warm, natural environment. Oak, pine, cherry and mahogany are just some of the many species you can choose from. Laid straight or on a diagonal, you can choose from a 3” wide strip to a 7” wide plank flooring to fit any décor.


Ceramic tile and natural stone are timeless flooring choices that bring a touch of class and easy to care to the home.
o    Porcelain with its quality of absorbing water at a slower rate is better for the bathroom or a high moisture content area.
o    Ceramic is often the choice for the kitchen where it is a workhorse. Different sizes and installation configurations can turn a simple space into a design showroom.


Vinyl tile is softer on the foot and still a very resilient flooring option for hard wearing areas. Priced less than ceramic, vinyl tile has its own benefit and endless design options. Create authentic looking floors with natural stone, slate, marble and ceramic styles. There are many vibrant styles and colors in which you can choose from.